Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catching up!

It's been a very long time since I've updated my site here...and to try to make up for that I'll make this post huge and full of pictures of yummy yummy cakes!

Lets Start off with a baby shower event I did for a friend. I started off by making my own cake and cupcake stand. I think it turned out pretty well and I'll definitely keep making things like this in the future. It was pretty much perfect for what I needed.

I used a translucent blue ribbon on the cake stand and it gave it a little bit of shimmer. Added some details with star buttons and blue jewels.

I also made the Cake Topper myself and it was pretty cute.

The final product was this beautiful display, it was a huge hit and I was so happy to be able to deliver and set this up at the event.

The next one I'd like to show you is a pretty simple cake. The flowers on this cake were my attempt at Alan Tetreault's crystal fantasy flowers. To do these you first mix up clear gelatin, brush it into molds, let them dry overnight, then add the gum paste flowers to them and bundle the whole thing up in floral tape. they are quite labor intensive, but stunning. This was made for a friend who was kind enough to trust me with a new experiment.
Her final cake turned out really well, and if it tasted half as good as it smelled, then she got her monies worth!

Next I'd like to show off my first attempt at a kids pirate cake. This was done for a good friend, her daughter was turning 3!

The little treasure chest was made out of gum paste and filled with candy gems, and gold dusted candies. The rocks were chocolate, and the trail was mini M&M's. Cailyn loved it and didn't want to share it with her friends...she wanted it for breakfast.

Next is a graduation cake for a client. Her daughter was graduating high school and has always been a huge fan of the Nightmare before Christmas. This client even named her dog Zero after the little ghost dog in the movie. So i did my best and made her a Jack Skellington cake.

Here are a couple close ups of the Jack and zero figures.

Jack was about 11 inches tall, made from bamboo skewers, wire and gum paste. Same for zero but he was only about 3 inches tall.

And finally I'd like to show you a cake that was very special to me. This cake was for our dearest friend Paul. Paul was lucky enough to find his soul mate and married her on July 1st. Even though we live 1500 miles away, there was no way we'd miss that wedding. His bride Jessica asked me to do the grooms cake for Paul, and since he's a comic book nerd like myself and my husband, she asked if I could so the superman logo. I was so nervous about this cake and trying to decorate it in a hotel room 1500 miles away from my kitchen. There were a few cake-tastrophe moments, but in the end it all worked out.
*Disclaimer - I do not own Superman, or Jack Skellington, Zero, or the Nightmare before Christmas and make no claims to that effect.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Here is a big one guys!! Here is a few of the cakes that have been keeping me busy, please enjoy and feel to leave a comment with what you think.

This a cute little birthday cake I whipped up. It was using left over fondant and flowers with very few new pieces. It actually turned out to be very pretty and all the girls just loved my sugar flowers.

This one is a birthday cake I did for our Head Technician at the Animal Hospital. She's a HUGE "So you think you can Dance?" fan. So I modeled the lettering on her cake to resemble the logo.

The "bling" at the bottom is crushed jolly ranchers that were steamed to regain their shine.

For Brittany's 22nd Birthday she told me that she loved Italian grapevines. So i colored her butter cream icing to an antique white, and added some gum paste grape clusters and accented with some swirly vines.

A Paid Order that turned out just as the client asked! The color is a mauve with chocolate and sky blue accents.

Another paid order for a Red Sox fan. He wanted a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. He wanted a rough side finish and little red Socks on the top.

This one is a wedding shower cake I made for Kristen who married her Prince Charming Ben in a gorgeous destination wedding. They are both super sweet people who deserve the best, so I made them an elegant white cake with red carnations on the top of the 2 tier cake, with a smaller grooms cake with some baby's breath on top.

Sue's birthday was in the spring so I decided to make her a spring bunny.

He's pretty cute.

For Deanna's September cake I decided to go fishbowl!
I've never done the embroidery technique and obviously I need more practice, but it was good to try something new. Our house was so humid I could not get the seaweed to dry, but it laid out nicely.

So there is a quick peek at what I've been up to. More cakes every month and I'm also taking orders int he New England area now. Email me at to place your order today!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brief update

My little sister came to visit me in December for her birthday and I promised her one of my cakes. So while hanging out I worked on this thing for her. She loves bright colors and so I went a little bold.

Vanilla cake with a Bavarian creme filling, iced in buttercream, and covered in vanilla fondant. I put some fondant and gumpaste candles on there with bright colored flowers.

It was cute and colorful and she really liked it.

So it looks like I forgot to post some of my recent cakes. Well Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday so i really wanted to do a big fancy Halloween cake, but my schedule was way too full. So i did this little one tier cake for us at home. Fondant bats and ghosts fly around with purple swirls. The board is covered in black fondant cobblestone, just to play with some texture. The cake was a dark chocolate cake with orange cream cheese frosting. So yummy.

More updates in the future! I've got a double birthday cake that I'm waiting on pictures and a valentine's cake, and a another birthday cake in February. Not much left for January but for me to replenish some of my supplies and I'm looking forward to taking another class with my soon as our local cake store puts out a class schedule.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Holiday baskets for sale!

I have begun taking orders for my Holiday baskets. Each basket will contain 12 fully decorated sugar cookies, in either snowflake (blue and silver) or Christmas tree (Red and green). It will also contain 12 gingerbread men cookies, fully decorated to coordinate with the sugar cookies. In the center of the display will be 6 fully decorated cupcakes, also coordinated with the color theme. Each basket will be wrapped and sealed with a Christmas ornament.

These baskets make great presents, and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. I can ship directly to you, or to your gift recipient.

My regular baskets sell for $25 and my extra large baskets sell for $50. The extra large basket include double the cookies, 2 mugs and hot cocoa mix, and also include a gift "in a jar" such as brownies, cookies, cake or soup!

I will upload a picture next week after I make my first baskets!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well last week was fun. Another 3 cakes! I didn't take pictures of my mom's 50th birthday cake, but it turned out to be pretty cute. I also neglected to take pictures of my first paying order! Which makes me very sad, but oh well .

This cake however I did get good pictures of. This cake was for Barbara's birthday. The tree was royal icing the the little blossoms are gum paste. I really think this one is very pretty, and a lot easier than I expected.

I don't have any more cakes until the end of October, but I might play around a little bit. Halloween is coming, and I've got a gorgeous cake planned for that!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

3 new cakes!

I've been working like a maniac on lots of different projects. I had 3 cakes to get done in one week. Which felt like a lot while already working a day job and being the head of my household, but it was a lot of fun.

To start of we had Dea's birthday. She requested a light, lemony cake. So she got a vanilla lemon cake with a really nice light lemon pastry filling. Some of my favorite gum paste lily/azalea like flowers, and yellow heart accents. This was also my first try using my quilting cutter...and I hate it. I'm gonna have to try something else for larger areas of quilting.

Then i had a small birthday cake for a surgeon who comes in to do our orthopedic repairs. He came in on his birthday to help up fix a lab who fell down the stairs and broke his leg. Jokingly I told him I'd bring him a cake for his trouble and he requested black frosting...because he was old. So I tried. This was the closest I could get to black with what i had...which wasn't much. The candle is made out of gum paste and is inspired by some of Andrea Sullivan's work. I really think her candles are amazing and I figured I'd give it a whirl. A thin bow at the bottom, nothing to girly, and a simple happy birthday finished this quick thank you gift.

Last, but certainly not least I had Lindsay's good-bye cake. Lindsay is an awesome chick who we're gonna miss! She's a goofball too. She requested "fun-fetti" after researching WTF "fun-fetti" was. I decided to try my hand at a sculpted cake. So I used a pound cake (with "fun-fetti" in it) and gave it a slightly top-heavy look. Nothing too drastic for my first try. Again, inspired by some of Andrea Sullivan's work, I wanted to do a patchwork look. so blue and white fondant shapes "stitched" together with butter cream icing. Inside, to honor lindsay's inner goofball, I gave it strawberry AND lemon fillings, separated by tiny little butter cream icing dividers. I was really proud of this cake overall and learned even more that store bought icing is not your matter how yummy.

More cakes coming next week including my very first Paying order!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Congratulations Nicole and Jon!

First off I'd like to give a great big Congratulations to Nic and Jon who were finally able to get married. They have had about 3 years worth of delays, and had to start their trip on a personal tragedy, but in the end got married on the beach in California. It was a very special day for them and they got married in a fashion that was very personal and individual to them . I hope they have all the happiness they deserve and that they get to start their as Mr. and Mrs. with great luck and love!

I told Nicole that I wanted to make her a small wedding cake as a present to her. So I came up with something simple, but pretty. Nicole is a very down to earth kind of girl and something girly, frilly, or over the top just doesn't fit her style. So I made a marble cake on the bottom layer, and a chocolate cake on the top layer, covered in butter cream. The layers are then covered in white fondant and white gum paste flowers. I wanted the top layer to be pretty much covered and then have the blossoms "spill" down onto the bottom layer. In the end it came out very cute and simple like I had wanted. (but I also learned I really need a cake leveler)